All women are mothers

Let’s talk about motherhood… All women are mothers

Our society has always held mothers to a special status leaving the rest of women who have not given birth at a somewhat lower level.

But let’s be clear on what being a mother really means in our human realm

If you have given birth to a human yes you are obviously a mother


If you take care or raise other peoples kids, you are a mother


Are in charge of other people? you are a mother

Are you an artist and create things in this world? You are a mother

Do you run a business? You are a badass mother!

Do you help others, coach or teach in any ways, shape and form? You are a mother

Do you care for family members or partner/husband? You are a mother

Are you learning to love and care for yourself? Learning to be the mother you needed when you were a child? Yes you too are a mother

Women are mothers. All women are equally worthy of the respect given to mothers.

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