Feminine Leadership 101

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Let’s Talk About Leadership!

Leadership is a lifelong skill that will ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS pay off.
Leadership comes from self-confidence and the latter from self-love.
It’s about deeply KNOWING what you desire and following that pull NO MATTER WHAT.
It’s about doing things WHEN YOU feel that pull.
Like being the first person on the dance floor cuz the song lights up the 🔥 in you.
While everyone else builds up the courage to let loose with booze. 🤦‍♀️
You DO what YOU want to do, WHENEVER you desire to do it, WITHOUT any conditions holding you back,
because you just DECIDED it’s time for FUN and excitement and that no matter what you’re COMMITTED to making it work.
It’s making the BOLD moves in your business.
It’s deciding to go first NO MATTER the circumstances and having the courage to jump FULLY IN.
Strictly NO HALF-ASSING energy. 🙅🏼‍♀️
It’s about NOT letting the fears of OTHERS slow down your momentum because it’s NOT necessary for them to understand what you’re doing because again you TRUST that you KNOW
And that’s just enough.
It’s booking the flight tickets to the destination that’s calling you EVEN when you don’t have anyone else to go with,
Even when you don’t know anyone there
It’s about showing up at a job interview or important business meeting and feeling like you’re walking into YOUR own building…
And yes, I have done that MANY times over and NEVER regretted it ✅
It’s knowing so deeply that you don’t even feel that you are being courageous until you hear others telling you.
Because you have embodied it so fully that it just FEELS so NATURAL…
My upcoming VIP CLASS in The EPIC SelfLove Slumber Party will cover that in much deeper detail.
We will do some deep and POTENT exercises to create and build up that trust within you.
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