Leadership By Design

The Complete Roadmap To Your Soul

Have you ever wondered “How can I be myself in my career/business AND be successful?”

OR having a constant and deep desire to get to know who you are profoundly?

This experience is PERFECT for you if…

You desire clarity on how to navigate your soul’s curriculum within your business or career as well as your personal life.

What will it look like?

Imagine immersing yourself in a book that just talks about YOU.

Your aura, your deepest soul desires, your life purpose, your God-given gifts, and how to understand and maximize your own physical and soul energy.

A book that will uniquely guide you inside your soul fractal to help you understand every aspect of you; so that you NEVER wonder “is there anything wrong about me” again.

A book that will literally help you fall in LOVE with yourself, and how God has made you.

And after completing it, you will come out of this mesmerizing experience feeling an UNBREAKABLE sense of self-trust like never before!

You will know with PRECISE clarity how to experience a FULFILLING life and career/business path. 

The quintessence of self LEADERSHIP Embodied!

NOT someone else’s “strategy”, BUT YOUR own journey to success and lifetime joyful adventures that naturally flow with YOUR own energy.

Which means, NO MORE hype up / burnout cycles!

Free yourself from any people-pleasing tendencies and external conditionings.

Well, that’s what you get out of my Leadership By Design – Human Design Report.

Throughout this journey, you will explore the deepest levels of your soul and fall deeply in love with how you were designed by God Himself to live a fulfilling life.

What’s Included in your report:

  • Your complete Human
    Design chart review and
    Aura Type
  • Vocation sequence highlights for Business/Career/Leadership purpose
  • Full Gene Keys Deep
    dive (Including lines/
  • Explanation of your
  • Explanation of your
  • Your Primary Health
    System (PHS): How to Maximize your energy
  • Your Incarnation Cross
  • Your Profile Line
  • Your Active Channels
  • Your Definition
  • BONUS: Gene Keys Hologenic Profile reading Audio

The Experience:

You will receive your full Personalized Human Design Report (within 3 to 5 business days) via email, and that’s when our 14-day voice messaging 1:1 coaching with me will start.

Our Voice messaging Q&A coaching  (with 24BH response time) allows you to ask absolutely any questions you’ll have in your mind. 

Shortly after signing up, you will be redirected via email to your client welcome form to be completed.


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