From Poverty To Millions: Maricela Soberanes’ Inspiring Story | The Millionaire MindSpace Show EP02

Maricela Soberanes – Managing principal and founder of Up Plex, a veteran-owned and operated real estate investing firm and a commercial syndicator. She has been investing in real estate since 2006 in Austin, TX.

She is an advocate of passive investors and a self-published author. She is a motivational speaker and mindset coach for entrepreneurs. In her book “FROM SCARCITY TO ABUNDANCE,” she shares the obstacles she had to overcome growing up in scarcity.

She shares the mastermind principles her grandmother stilled in her growing up. She used the same principles to overcome the struggles of being an immigrant and arriving in the USA as an adult, starting from the bottom in a new country, a country of abundance yet so much individualized scarcity.

After becoming a doctorate-prepared Anesthesia Provider, a Naval Officer, and a successful Real Estate Investor, she now empowers others with the tools to reach a life of abundance.


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Instagram: @maricela.soberanes.oficial