The Essence Of Powerful Women

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Surface-level learning will give you surface-level results 😏

Powerful women go all the F’ IN

The absolute best results I have ever gotten were because I was DETERMINED to NOT half-ass my work and efforts

Powerful women know results take WORK and they are EAGER to get started 🔥

They know IMPLEMENTATION is where the real honey is 💸

They LIVE it.

Trusting themselves that they can figure it all out NO MATTER WHAT.
And they do get the life & results they desire

It’s not a maybe this will work, maybe it won’t so let me dip my toe in and see if I can make a million bucks from it or lose 50lbs after one free workout trial session… 🤣

ALL IN, and they KNOW they are worthy of being coached and supported all along their journey.

They are IN for the LONG term because that’s what they’re COMMITTED to themselves for LIFE.

And it’s not just about business, but also life goals.
That determination is what allowed me to successfully relocate from France to Ireland, To Dubai, To Canada, and to the USA.
Work for the BEST companies in the world and be one the BEST performers in my jobs.
I ditched them whenever I was done and launched and ran multiple businesses.

Heal from my infertility and PCOS and get pregnant NATURALLY.

This work I teach and coach you on is a SKILL that you get to implement in EVERY SINGLE aspect of your life 🙌🏽🔥

As soon as I had discovered that coaching was a thing I started investing in my growth and learning through different experiences.

I cannot imagine staying without learning something new or investing in MASTERING my talents.

I just finished a coaching experience around social media and the next thing I will invest in AGAIN is my public speaking skills.

I truly believe in continuous improvement in what I do best.
I highly VALUE MASTERY over time (that’s literally written in my human design as a generator)

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