One Of The Most Powerful Personal Branding Secret

In this post, I’ll reveal One Of The Most Powerful Personal Branding Secrets.

Decision-making is subconscious meaning, based on intuition and instinct.

Want to know the craziest thing?

95% of our buying decisions happen in our subconscious.

First impressions tell your brain everything it needs to make a rapid decision.

Here is ONE simple way to tap into your audience’s subconscious:

Leading with Emotion:

lead with benefits rather than features so you can hook clients with emotion. and the BEST way to do this is Impactful Visuals!

Today growing any business or career is all done online through your website, LinkedIn profile, email marketing & social media, which are all visual platforms.

Humans are visual creatures! Our eyes deliver messages to our brains that bypass our complex thought processes and fast-track them to the decision-making level.

Creating a brand with meaningful visuals cues intentionality and connects directly to the subconscious to make an immediate impact.

​When you build the right emotional associations with your brand you can guide your audience’s unconscious feelings — they’ll fall in love with your brand and pick you over the competition.

It starts with YOUR personal style for branding purposes.

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