Gratefulness VS Wanting more

Let’s talk about gratefulness vs wanting more or manifestations… You’ve been lied to my dear. And so did I…

In the cultures we experience each day, we’re constantly given choices.

You either do this OR you do that…

First of all, this is a paradigm that we only apply to ourselves.

For what though?

I know I’m gonna rub SO many people the wrong way with this one because this either-or way of life is what GOVERNS the world.

But guess what?

God is greater than this…

So let’s focus on Gratefulness “VS” wanting more…

The ultimate lie is that you have to choose between the two.

The truth of the matter is that your life is only ever going to be a struggle as long as you subscribe to this lie.

It’s just a lie!

Because guess what..?

You ABSOLUTELY get to have it BOTH ways my dear.

Say whaaaattt?? 🤣

Yup! I told you already you’ve been lie to.

But what do I mean?? 🤷🏼‍♀️

Well, master manifestors know this already… some (like myself) always try their best to tell you but y’all are NOT listening 🙉😆

Gratefulness AND wanting more (or manifestation – the act of ASKINg for more) and the two sides of the same coin!

They come TOGETHER.

One cannot exist without the other.


You can’t be grateful without wanting more because being grateful is wanting to enjoy and rip the joys of the things you’re grateful for

And you CANNOT get more without gratitude (this is the promise of God and clearly expressed in scriptures!)


As I said…

we’re been lied to honey…

and now that you know, you cannot “unknow” and here you are facing another choice…

Get on board with it and experience your best mother effin life

Or keep things the way they are…

You may already think you’re living your best life now though being content with the gratitude vs manifestation…

But are you really?

Or are you just 💩 scared of what your reality would look and feel like when you choose the red pill instead..?

If you feel ready to step into OVERFLOW, I’d be honored to have you inside of my monthly membership called GODFidence & OVERFlow.


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