Your Network Is Your Networth

Just like faith misery is contagious.

if you surround yourself with people who don’t have a life vision and direction that is meant to be taking them upwards and heavenwards; don’t waste any time wondering why you are not progressing. Why you’re still dealing with the same things. why you keep attracting the same kind of people and keep living the same kind of stories. over and over again.

Negative energy is contagious

it self generates over and over again.

do you want to know what else is contagious?


faith is contagious and self generates too. over and over again.

if you want to change your life circumstances, start with your circle.

and at the beginning you’re gonna be alone because you need to be alone just so the Lord can become your circle.

and once you decide to place your heart and his hands, trust that he will bring in the right circle around you

that he will lift you up upwards and heavenwards

but you see sometimes the person we need to separate ourselves from is the person we think we are

now this this kind of transformation is the hardest one

because you’ve got to go deeper and digging deeper in your soul and discover and truly decide who you are;

and who you want to be

you get to decide who you want to be

that’s the beauty of life that is the beauty of will power

your will has the power to change who you are and I don’t know who is this for but you got to start learning to love yourself

you’ve got to start to learn to love who God made you to be

Take yourself on a journey going back in time end understand who you were in your earliest years

Remember the purest version of you made by God

before your character got molded into this world and into this reality

who were you before the world told you who to be?

because that person is the one you can fall in love with

over and over again

that’s the person you can love or learn to love and fully accept

that’s the person God made of you with

talented and gifted with a unique twist

that’s the version of you that is so pure, it will free you from these worlds chuckles

Liberates you from who you’re supposed to be

From the should and the what if‘s

if this resonates then this word is for you

You see, self-love is the purest act of faith

It’s about trusting God with his vision over you

with his decision over who he decided for you to be over who he wants you to be and over who he made you to be

every single soul has the potential and beauty and the opportunities to impact their own world one way or another

because when you look at the world, natural things have a perfect order

seasons come after seasons in a perfect order

everything is like a jigsaw it fits into its place

God makes no mistakes and he didn’t start with you!

see if you feel like you don’t belong on this earth ask yourself which version of you doesn’t?

nature is beautiful it has a natural code over how things are supposed to work together and everything works well together

you included my dear but the version of you that you were born as

With time you’ve been shaped into this reality by humans

Humans who wanted for you to be just like them

perhaps your parents your friends, schools, society, work…

human organization and now how are you supposed to fit into this human organization with your God-given personality?

your God-given gift?

how are you supposed to fit a miracle into human classification

A human limited world order

going back to your roots to who you were born to be

to who you were supposed to be

to who God made you to be

And how he meant for you to fit into this world is how you impact this world for the better

is how you serve God and his world

and you and the people you love

this is a version of you that you can love nurture and care for

protect elevate and rise up fully wholeheartedly

Not holding back

being that version of you so the others around you can be impacted

Faith is contagious self-love is contagious believing your self is contagious. So ahead and my sisters in God dare to be contagious!

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