High Value Energy

The High Value Energy how to embody her

She understands that her life is tailored to her, and Her needs and desires.

She takes her health very seriously and will not use her body as a testing ground for random advice that were not made especially for her.

To facilitate this, she surrounds herself with a winning support team that knows her and help her be he best self.

She doesn’t follow fashion trends instead she books calls with her personal stylist and make up artist and hair stylist. Speaking of hair, when she uses hair extensions, she gets them tailored to her head size, hair color, type etc

She doesn’t follow random diet found on the internet instead she books appointments with her dietitian

She doesn’t follow random workouts on social media instead she gets consultations with her personal trainer .

She avoids stress like the plague because her life, ascension and happiness depend on it.

It’s nothing from tales to say that stress alone can trigger so many different imbalances in your body mind and soul.

Researchs have proven that stress is compounded over time if you don’t do the proper work to flush it out.

By proper I mean mentally AND physically AND emotional work

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