Human Design: Where to start? How To Read Your Chart?

Let’s dive right in!


Follow it! Each type has a unique game plan, something they can do on a daily basis to ensure they are acting out as the truest version of themselves.
Test it out by taking it to work with you, using it at home, in the store, at gatherings etc.
If you do not have a fully comprehensive understanding of your authority reach out to me or another qualified Human design analyst to make sure you have a grasp on what this means to you in your life. Strategy is one of the most important aspects of living your design.


This is an inner compass system that will always guide you to what decision is correct for you or not.
Following your strategy alone will not ensure correct decision-making. It is imperative for you to make correct decisions to follow your own inner authority.
For most types, it will point to a place in your physical body, your emotional system, your sacral, your spleen etc.
A very small percentage of the population, they do not have an inner authority to rely on.
Either way, make sure you understand What your guidance system is and how to follow it!


Each type has a unique profile. This is kinda like the outfit you wear through your life! Your profile themes will affect the major aspects of you and it’s important to know the “true self” themes of your profile so you can recognize the “not self” themes of your profile.
A lot of emotional wounds can come from profile alone and depending on type and authority your profile will be expressed in different ways.
Research what your profile is and start to understand how you have been treated and the way you treat others as a result of this important aspect of you.

Step 4 Definition

When you look at your body graph you will notice 9 centers or chakra system.
Some of those boxes will be colored in and some will be white. (Unless you’re a reflector, in which case all chakras will be white). Viewing your body graph is like viewing a circuit board.
Everything colored in (or defined) is energy that is fixed and consistently being expressed. Everything white (or undefined), is energy that is inconsistently expressed.
Each undefined center is susceptible to conditioning and comes with a “not self” question.
Understanding your potential conditioning and the “not self” version of you is very important in catching those aspects play out in real life.
Journal or list out your “not self” habits to help remember them, and if you catch yourself living in these habits/frequencies, simply drop your focus to your authority center to re-calibrate with your design!

Step 5 Chemistry

This is how your whole body processes energy!
Each type has a true self theme of either satisfaction, success, peace, or surprise…. and a not-self theme of either frustration (like myself), bitterness, anger or disappointment. When you recognize this chemistry play out in your day-to-day life you are able to witness the body either living as it is designed to live, or not!
Your circuitry also plays a role in chemistry.
Some people have more individual energy and melancholy than others.
Some people have more gates and channels of emotional waves and moodiness than others.
Knowing your body’s unique chemistry will help you understand and accept the person you are designed to be.

Step 6 Incarnation Cross

The incarnation cross is so very powerful in understanding your unique purpose here in this life!
In order to understand your incarnation cross you must start to study gates and lines.
Gates can be quite confusing but there is a lot of information out there including Gene Keys.
Start with your profile sun/earth. (The top boxes in the righthand column in black) These aspects are what you know yourself to be.
Once you understand those aspects dive into your design sun/earth (the top two boxes on the lefthand column in red) These are aspects you may not always see in yourself but those outside of you recognize. The combination of these 4 gates makes up your incarnation cross and subsequently 70% of your personality, so its kinda a big thing to know!

Step 7 Planets

On both the right (black) and left (red) columns, there are boxes with planetary symbols on them.
Each planet has a number or gate that sits inside. The planets will tell you how the aspects of this gate are expressed!
For example, the nodes are the direction of our journeys, the moon is what drives us and Mercury is how we communicate.
Studying your gates, lines, and conscious or unconscious expression of your planets, help you understand why and how you are the way you are.
Clearly see the way you are designed to be as opposed to feeling disconnected and guilty for the way you operate!
This will take research, time, and patience as you must pull the information through differently depending on type, strategy, authority, and definition.

Step 8 Primary Health System

Once you understand the top of your design then you can dive underneath into Primary Health System (colors, tones, and base underneath your variables).
This includes motivation, environment, digestion, perspective, sense, and trajectory. This advanced information should NOT be taken at face value as it has a much deeper meaning than the words you think you understand.
Always seek out guidance from a trained advanced analysis when it comes to advance in-depth understanding of anything below the surface of the chart.
Following your strategy and authority trump all other aspects of your chart.
Learning profile, definition, chemistry, or PHS will not matter if you are not actively following your strategy and authority. Emotional wounds and trapped emotions can make it challenging to follow your strategy and authority which is why l recommend making room for shadow work (deep healing).
Healing those inner wounds make it easier for you to live as the person you are designed to be. If you have questions or desire support around that join my immersive Queen By Design healing experience HERE.

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