How To STOP Procrastinating On Your Dream Life – For Ambitious Believers

I don’t know about you but the old me used to be a professional procrastinator! 😝

That’s not something I liked about myself but somehow I needed time and urgency to give me the push I needed to execute things. And there were also the parts of me that CLEARLY wanted to sabotage those said things…

There was also the part of me that didn’t feel worthy of accomplishing certain things…

So after a lot of inner work and healing what needed to be healed, I came up with one POWERFUL question.

I now move from a place of desire and being pulled towards what I want but sometimes… Tough love is needed.

Whenever I’m tempted to keep putting things off for later, I ask myself this simple yet POWERFUL question. Because I know it has the power to move me into action and I start seeing my life change:

“What the F are you waiting for?”

That’s the question.

“For time to pass? For you to die? What the F are you waiting for?”

And that’s my question to you. Would you rather keep procrastinating, and wait months or years for a chance to live the life you TRULY desire to live? 

While you keep prioritizing everyone else needs? And urgencies.

Or Would you rather experience a REAL transformation and start noticing yourself drastically shifting within just a few days of deep self-work?

What’s holding you back? What’s REALLY holding you back? 

When you already know that improving your confidence to mastery levels WILL allow you to have a bigger impact on your mission for greater.

When you already know that embodying bravery is literally what will allow you to fast-track yourself into the reality you SO DEEPLY desire to experience?

What the F are you waiting for?

When you already know that you are ready for this. When your highest self, deeply buried in you keeps calling you for this.

What the F are you waiting for?

NOW is the best time for you. NOW is the best time to start. NOW is your best time.

Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed, NOW is YOUR time.

Let me ask you this: What is it that you chase every day? What is it that you roll out of bed every morning for?

Your real why? Why do you do the things you do every day?

Is it Respect? Money? Love? Freedom?

Your confidence literally affects EVERY. SINGLE. ASPECT. OF. YOUR. Life.

From personal relationships, starting with the one you have with yourself, to your financial situation. Your level of self-confidence can be observed and felt through each one of them.

How does the most confident version of you impact her world? 

Spouse, children, family, friends, work environment…?

In a world that teaches people (especially women) that everything is wrong about them; so that you consume more and more, a confident and Godfident human is an absolute ICON. 

Your aura illuminates the room.

You effortlessly stand out. 

You inspire. You elevate. 

You allow people to dream bigger. To aspire to better. 

You teach by just being your full self. 

You get remembered. 

You get listened to. 

You have authority.

You are respected.

You are successful.

You are loved and cherished. Protected. By Your people.

You make mother fuckin history.

And no matter what envy You may trigger, God is backing You up 100%.

Would you rather this to let it be the truth for everyone else OR be THAT ICON?

What the F are you waiting for?

I’m only talking to you if you are an action-taker. 

If you’re done and I mean it, completely done with second-guessing your every move.

If you’re just DONE with delaying your success.

If you’ve had enough of feeling frustrated with stupid things holding you back.

If you’re ready and willing to finally go through a POWERFUL life transformation without feeling stuck in any way.

Getting rid of the constant self-beating negative chatter in your mind.

Finally be and embody Confidence, not cockiness but true and deeply grounded Confidence, without worrying about what others think.

This is for you if you are looking for a safe and sacred space to drop the armor, to freely open up, and just be a human being. 

Letting go of old BS without fearing to be judged, unsupported, or isolated.

Here’s a MAJOR FACT: Living a life where you are fully being and feeling yourself is nothing less than ecstatic!

Being SO madly in love, passionate about fulfilling your purpose. 

Hands up, way too busy catching blessings instead of holding on to grudges from the past.

Remember NOW is YOUR time, so stop procrastinating, You have two ways of working with me on this:

1 – SYNERGY, my signature program that’s still on early birds. It’s a pre-recorded experience where I guide you through the MOST POTENT and deepest transformation of your entire life. I kid you NOT!

2 – If you prefer a private coaching experience you can sign up for my packages starting with ELEVATION , that’s 3 months of high touch and high proximity with me.

3, 6, and 12 months options are available to you if you want a long-lasting transformation, personalized support, and accountability. 

Besides my 6 and 12 months packages, we meet up in person in a private retreat here in the US. Which exciting! It’s a fully luxurious experience with spa treatments, delicious restaurants, and coaching. Only the best for you my darlings!

So again What the F are you waiting for? 😉 

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