Codependency & Taking Back Your Life

Your brain is a tool if you donโ€™t use it it will use you.

Do you feel like you donโ€™t have control over your life?


Over how you keep facing the same situations over and over?


Does this cycle makes you feel exhausted?


Do feel like youโ€™re giving your absolute everything and itโ€™s still not enough..?


Not enough to get what you want, the support you need, the love you crave?


Not enough for others..?


Feeling frustration from their ungrateful entitlement..?


You have way more power than you think ๐Ÿ’


You were born with will power as your ultimate god-given gift


Which means you get to DECIDE.

You get to shift and change your mind.

You get to CHOOSE to put yourself first.

You get to CHOOSE to love you. For YOU.

You get to decide what your daily like looks and feels like.


You get to exercise that will power, the power of willโ€ฆ decide and choose that youโ€™re enough.


Choose to understand and accept that you were born enough.

Enough for God.

Enough for you.

Enough for others.


As a baby there was never a single thing you โ€œhadโ€ to do or give to be enough and worthy.


You were born worthy of love.

The love and support of God.

The love and support of you for you.

The love and support of the right people for you.


Own it.

Claim it.

Declare it.

It is yours.

It is here and available for you.

Amen โœŒ๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ’


If you feel called and ready to overcome #codependency and work with me, itโ€™ll be an absolute honor to welcome you into my AffirmAction Journaling Experience.


I will guide you through your own roadmap to recover from this.


Get ready to onboard the most exciting life transformation youโ€™ve ever been through.

At YOUR own pace, without the feeling of being stuck.

With others who understand you; and keep you accountable for recovering (as opposed to never ending ramblings)


With exciting action steps and challenges to your next breakthrough.


With the proven technics of NLP to reprogram your subconscious.


With emotional detoxing of childhood traumas.


Feel liberated from pain, depression and anxiety.


Meet the healed version of you on the other sideโ€ฆ

She waiting on you and so am Iโ€ฆ

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