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About GodFidence

The thing about becoming GodFident is that you will naturally start including God in everything you do.

In most of your conversations, and it truly doesn’t mean that you think you’re better than others now.

I personally really don’t, and no I haven’t been brainwashed.

This has forever been part of me but I was afraid.

Afraid of sharing more of myself (especially online) and afraid to be judged.

I also have encountered a few ones who got triggered by my words and reminded me of how I used to be.

Making me believe that I didn’t have what it took to share the message of God.

And that I wasn’t legitimate enough to let this biggest part of me shine…

There’s also the ones who put unrealistic expectations on me saying that now if I wanted to share God’s words I should make sure that I follow rigidly his commends myself…

The truth is that while all of these have some truth, all of these are also lies used by the people brainwashed by evil himself.

There’s never EVER any of us who will reach those super high expectations and standards because we’re human and only God is ever going to remain the perfect one.

We humans can only aspire to be more in his “spiritual” image, meaning working hard on ourselves to develop the qualities that he has to the best of our (somewhat limited) abilities…

Sharing the words God gives you, isn’t reserved to a few ones.

Any human can communicate with God.

I know I have so many entrepreneurs in around here and those will immediately recognize themselves in here.

Your business is your assignment from God.

That’s how we entrepreneurs communicate the words of God. Through actions.

Being a religious person and having a relationship with the Almighty to me is the same thing.

What God wants is for us to agree to use us for the words and lessons and blessings he wants to pass onto this beautiful earth.

To use us as testimony to what only he can do.

I truly have been to hell and back in my life and I regularly thank God for making of me a living testimony of his supreme mercy.

With that said, I’m still human

Perfectly imperfect

Exactly the way I’m meant to be

Just like a jaded work of art

God’s masterpiece

I still sin, I still curse (too much), I get angry, I cry, I strive, struggle with certain things…

I’m human and I’m alive…

I won’t ever be perfect but I know I’m enough for him just the way I am.

And that makes me enough for me too.

You too are enough, actually scratch that: MORE than enough for him and for you.

And being GodFident is you being fully you, embracing whom he made you to be.

And just be.

Trust him with how he made you.

Love that person and him.

For as long as you keep that relationship alive, you’ll be on the right track 💝

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