Getting Lost VS Asking For Direction

This message goes to the ones who would rather get lost than ask for directions

The other day, I had a conversation with my mom, about how men would rather get lost, and work so hard to find their own directions as opposed to simply pause and ask to someone who may know better.

She told me that my father would literally rather go around in circles many times over until he’d find his way rather than simply ask for his directions.

We laughed at this, and that’s when I told her:” Mom all men or at least the majority of them are like this, my husband is the same… I saw a comedian one day who was talking about this thing during his show and he basically explained that, men are wired to want to prove themselves and especially their women that they’re right and are capable of figuring stuff out by themselves… this is just men’s egos… us women don’t really have that problem because we’re ok with humbling ourselves and just ask for help. I think it has something to do with how we’re raised in general as girls and women… “

And so this message came up to me only yesterday when I was visiting Florida.

The tourism office had a mail box with a red sign saying “Real men ask for directions”

I laughed at this and showed it to my husband. He laughed too and confirmed again “yea I would definitely rather get lost than ask for directions, I don’t know why it’s just something in me” he said.

I knew why… again it was about “Men and their ego” I thought, rolling my eyes in my head; I simply laughed…

Now how many of us do the same thing every day?

I’m not taking about directions in the streets but directions in our lives..?

How many of us would rather struggle or at best strive but REFUSE to ask for directions to the ONLY ONE who will for sure give us the right direction for us..?


How many of us ALREADY know we should ask him but still (stubbornly) don’t..?

Let me get deeper here: How many of us KNOW things would get so much easier if we CHOSE to tap into the Frequency of manifesting the Almighty’s help, but still would rather do things ourselves and rather get “lost than asking for his directions”..?

We so easily get seduced by maps, blueprints to success and all gimmicks that we know deep deep deep down that we “already” know those information (insert 🙄 feeling) but still choose to strive through them instead of just getting fast tracked to the destination of our hearts desires…

Ouhhh…. This one is a reminder for myself and for whomever feels called out.

But why do we choose to struggle or strive when we damn know we CAN get things easier and quicker..?

Ego? Do we really think we can or are supposed to do everything on our own?

Or does this translates a simple lack of faith..?

And I’m not talking about the belief of God’s existence but FAITH.

Such as you know and DAMN SURE trust that HE WILL PROVIDE

That this faith is GodFidence in its strongest sense.

That NO MATTER what the chatter in your mind may say,

NO MATTER what the world around you says; and

NO MATTER how crazy it may sounds, because things in life “can’t be this easy” / “it has never been done before “ / “it’s possible for others but not you” and all possible variations of this BS (belief systems 😆)

that you KNOW it WILL work and God NEVER fail on his promises:

HE WILL PROVIDE 🙌🏽 your direction.


Always remember you + the Almighty are a supreme MAJORITY.

Nothing and NO ONE can stop you from what’s by grace for you.

If you only choose to let it happen.

You were born with will power.

It’s not something you exercised once in your life to accept God in your heart.

It’s power you get to CHOOSE to EMBODY every single time you make a decision to surrender to His lead.

When you do that, and fully embody the energy of GodFidence, there’s a perfect alignment with him.

Peace is on the other side.

No more struggle/striving.

Just peace.

I know, I know the world we live in doesn’t align with this frequency/reality… The BS (Beliefs systems) we’re fed most entirely REMOVE God from the equation.

How is the world supposed to go round without his creator though?

Everything around us wants us to think that God is about hope.

But never confuse hope with Faith, they’re ABSOLUTELY NOT the same.

Hope is based on a “maybe”

Maybe this will work or maybe it won’t but let’s hope it will.

Faith says: IT WILL WORK!

Not 👏🏽the 👏🏽same 👏🏽vibe🙌🏽

Say it with me:


And ask for your directions 💝

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