Embodying Your Purpose

Let’s talk About Embodying your Purpose… what does it looks or feels like?

A life with every moment of feeling and soaking in flow and ease.

Purely living in the feminine energy paradigm.

Asking for what I need, desire or want and being served.

Never chasing, and barely reaching out.

All in flow and divine grace.

Peace and deep joy.

Like a ray of sunlight in the golden hours 😍

Loving every moment and living from a constant energy of gratitude.

Heavenly and blessed.

No interest whatsoever in strive.

God’s timing, in all things.

His speed is the fastest way to reach any destinations.

Unshakable GodFidence, leaning back on his lead and providing.

Take a step only when he says so.

Because he’s got my back.

Always and forevermore.

Pure bliss. No stress. No wondering, just holding the trust because he always comes through for me.

He always has.

My desires are always being met.

That’s why I choose my thoughts with clear intent.

I’m aligned with my purpose.

And I love it here.

And yes no matter how strange that may sound to eyes and ears who don’t get it because no matter how many times they’ve been told, still choose to struggle or strive.

That’s not who I am.

Is it who you are?

Is it whom you decide to be?

Or are you going to let Him take the lead?

Trust the Lord, the creator of billions of galaxies and universes. The master of all that is…

That he’s got you the same way he made you. You belong to him.

Your days belong WITH Him.

His lead. My purpose. My choice to follow Him. Right now and forevermore.

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