Heart Desires VS Good Enough Back Up Options

Let’s talk about your Heart Desires VS Good Enough Back Up Options

Living within your means is a lack of faith and a glass ceiling that keeps you small

Heart Desires: (HD)

Every time you see, use those things, you step into/fully embody gratitude in enjoyment. Gratefulness is worship.

Good enough back ups:

At the beginning you may be happy with the bargain and completely convinced yourself it’s a “better” option than the HD but in time you have to actively remind yourself of how grateful you are to have found a bargain… but deep down you still think of and compare the good enough options to the HD which defeats the purpose. Since that’s not what living in gratitude is.

Instead you’re reinforcing an energy of lack into your mind and soul and most importantly, confirming a lack of trust and Faith in (God) Allah’s ability to provide to you. And lack of faith in yourself and so indirectly in Allah (God)…

Lack of self trust is lack of Faith (knowing that self love is faith)

The answer is not to necessarily build up debt to your name to the point where you have no plans or no intentions to recover from them.

Credit cards ARE NOT BAD! It’s the lack of knowing how to use them that is detrimental for your financial success.

The main intention is to work towards increasing your means with and through Allah to afford what you truly want and desire, so that you may keep yourself in the energy of gratitude.

Allah never says you can’t have great things in life. The only reason he may delay or redirect you is if you’re not ready for it just yet.

We often just stop at how those said things may be bad for us. But!

The truth is wouldn’t those things be just good for us if we already had done the inner work to hold their responsibility?

Wouldn’t they be just good for us if we already had practiced never giving up on our relationships with Allah?

Allah keeps you from getting things that will derail you from your relationship with him.

Or he may just give it to you to see and test the strength of your relationship with him, and if you differ, remove the said thing so you could perhaps, according to your will power, repent and go back to him…

What if when asking for the things you wanted, you also asked that your relationship will get STRONGER as you get and enjoy having the said things..?

And then simply live up to the expectations..?

That way you would be creating a habit and a complete way of life of having mostly exactly what you truly desire.

And creating a life where grateful enjoyment is worship.

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